Married woman

"He has changed, he doesn't love me anymore. This is all his fault, I have done or sacrificed so much for him, now he is with another woman, I want a divorce".
Wait, how can you give up your battle so soon? How can you let your enemy win so easily? Would you like to see them walking on the street one-day and she looks down on you with her winning smile? Therefore, you need to fight for your dignity and your future; you need to win your husband back from another woman.
You are losing your battle because of comparison, after so much arguments, fights, hate and contradiction building up, any woman after comparison is better than you are. Especially when a woman starts consoling your husband and explains logically and rationally about your behavior, attitude and changes, he will soon be touched by her wisdom and understanding, and feel that she is better than you are. Therefore, a lot of the affairs will happen between him and your close girl friends or his colleagues.
The next problem is jealousy; this is a common character among human mankind.Every marriedwoman is jealous for the same reasons, amount or level, then you are no different from other women. But most marriedwomen are applying more and more pressure and restriction regarding to talking or looking at other women after marriage. Then if one married woman is slightly less jealous than you are, applying less pressure, giving more freedom and respect to the male, then you will lose for sure after comparison.
Another fatal mistake married woman are having is double standard; we wouldn't allow our men to look at or talk to other beautiful ladies, but we allow ourselves to look at or talk to other beautiful men. This is a true sign of selfishness, and how can we have a happy, two-sided balance and long lasting marriage or relationship with such a selfish and biased rule in between?
Therefore, you will always hear those married men say, "You are so much better than my wife. I have no freedom with her, she is so selfish and restricting me from seeing my old female friends, checking me in my office every half an hour, and asking my colleagues to supervise my movement everyday. You make me feel like a man again, you help me regaining all the dignity, masculinity and the pleasure of life".
Let me give you a simple example, then you will know why you are losing so badly. Assume a man has an affair and has set up two families, and both women know the existence of each other. The husband go back late to his wife every night, and she start yelling and pounding to him, "You must have gone to see that bitch, how can you do this to me, you son of a bitch, I have been so good to you…". When the man goes to the other home laden with anxiety, the mistress says, "I know why you are upset, you don't need to come here so often, although I want to see you very much. You should spend more time with your wife, to comfort her heart, then she won't yell too often to you. I just want you two to be happy, and you need not to worry about me, I will be fine by myself".
One is jealous, tense and touchy, the other is calm, non-jealous, sweet, understanding and caring, which one will you pick and love the most if you are the husband?
Actually there is not a major difference between any married women, they are all jealous, touchy, selfish and self-center, just like most of the men. The reasons for these distinct differences are their identities, attitude and angles for being single or married. We all have some incorrect ideas about being single or married. Most people agree when we are single, we can date anyone we want and have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time. After we get marry, we have to be loyal to our partner, and pursue monogamy for the rest of our life.
The differences in belief make the singles more accepting in multiple partnership, and the married men or women more accepting in monogamy and applying more rules to restrict their mate to see or date other sex. Therefore a single woman will mind a bit less than a married woman to share his boy friend with another woman will. This little bit of difference in point of views, creates a lot of catastrophes to married women after comparison.
This is the same situation in a man pursuing a woman. When a single woman is competing with a married woman for her husband, she will do anything to please the man, she will pretend generously, sensibly, unselfishly and pathetically, acting weak as a kitten, waiting for mercy, care and attention.
Every man has certain degree of masculinity; they like to take care of women, whom are gentle, soft and submissive, these are the positive side of women's characters and weapons to tame the men. On the negative side, women are jealous, touchy, selfish and self-center, these are also there weapons to scare away the men.
The court will fool the men, he will think she is one of a kind, the best in the world, but coming into their life just a bit too late. But they have totally forgotten their wives had also given them similar feeling before marriage. Once he divorces his wife and marries this woman, her attitude and point of views will soon be different, her supervision and suspicion will be further intensified, because his promise to be loyal to her for the rest of his life will just be a big joke to her.
The men are making the same sort of mistakes after marriage, giving up or using less and less courting to please their wives, turning the happy marriage into nightmare, and forcing their wives to look for replacement and the missing feeling.
Look at all those celebrities, and their model marriages. How many years can their marriages last, before a third person intervenes into their relationship, and finally change horses in midstream? How many times do they have to give up half of their properties in exchange for another nightmare? How many times do they have to fail to learn to get to the bottom of the problems and get to the heart of the matter?

All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age at the time of the photography.